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Equipped with the best of the best, we can solve any location-based problem standing in your way.

Network planning

At Deep End Services, we believe that if an individual store or network of stores isn’t working, it’s for good reason. And sometimes, just one bad call can have a massive effect on your entire operation.

That’s why so many retailers, service providers, takeaway food and fast casual operators and other location-based businesses ask us to plan their networks. Underpinned by robust science, up to date mapping and data tools and extensive expertise, we help you select the best locations for your business – and determine a strategic timeframe for rollout.

We also regularly review and optimise existing networks for greater efficiency and financial return and to enhance omni-channel possibilities.

Sales forecasting

Predicting sales isn’t rocket science. But it’s definitely a science.

Deep End Services can tell you the trading potential of your shop, cinema, hotel, restaurant, attraction, clinic or branch in one or more proposed locations. We benchmark your existing operations and use this in combination with catchment area definitions, spending and economic forecasts and cannibalisation factors to tell you who’s likely to visit, who’s not – and how long it’ll take for your new venue to reach its potential.

Our robust sales forecasts, which often project up to 10 years ahead, will take the guesswork out of your big commitments. You and the other decision makers at your company will appreciate that. Now and into the future.

Strategic asset advice & marketing

If you have an underutilised building or vacant site, we can help you decide what to do with it. We can assess the feasibility of your existing plans – or make new recommendations backed by sound economic analysis.

But if you already have a operating property, we can advise on how to expand or enhance that asset to optimise the future of your investment.

And when it comes to securing a new tenant for your property, our data and research reports will add huge value (and credibility) to your promotional campaign.

Economic impact & expert services

Our senior people are regularly engaged to provide economics-based advice in response to regulatory requirements.

We perform a wide spectrum of economic reviews for developers, retailers, town planners and governments based on the requirements of local, state and federal bodies. We’re also engaged as trusted expert witnesses in court and tribunal hearings – playing a pivotal role in the community in all States and Territories.

Whether it’s a question of how to rezone a piece of land or determining the economic impact of a new supermarket, Deep End Services has the answers.

Market research

We’re a market-driven company and yours is too. But you need to know what your market is, how it’s distributed, who competes for it and if you are getting your fair share.

That’s where we step in. We have a well-established on-line survey tool which we use to talk to your customers, understand their profiles, segment them and ‘locate them on the ground’. This is combined with information from our internal and external datasets to help you make the big calls on where you want to take your business and how you will get there.

Due diligence

Deep End Services is a trusted provider of independent advice during a wide range of due diligence exercises. We’re nimble and this means that we can provide you and your other advisers with the information you need when you need it and without the noise.

So if you’re looking to acquire a trading asset, buy a competitor or considering overseas expansion, turn to us to help make the correct call based on the right data and insights.

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