The perfect blend of data, tools and expertise

Finding the answers to your questions is an incredibly complex process. So how do we do it? By applying the perfect blend of three essential ingredients.

We use the right data

At Deep End Services we know the value of data.  It is the essential ingredient to allow us to understand your operation and add value to your decision-making.  We are adept at sourcing the most relevant private or public datasets that are out there.  And we hold and maintain several incredibly valuable databases of our own.

Data is what puts the science into our analysis – and the confidence into your decision-making.

We use the best technology

Technology matters to us because it allows us to analyse your data usefully and efficiently.  And the tools we use are many and varied, from manipulating large databases (Access, SQL), to undertaking modelling and analysis (Excel) and displaying and analysing spatial relationships (MapInfo, QGIS).

Spatial data is at the heart of what we do, and for that we utilise the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) tools to visualise, analyse, edit, interpret and present data to reveal relationships, patterns and trends.  We use these programs to map a wide array of factors such as population growth, land use, transportation networks and more.

We’re property economists first and foremost, but we strive to be experts in GIS application as well.

We have the expertise

What’s data without knowing how to use it?  What’s technology without realising its potential?  And what’s the point of it all without the experts to bring everything together?

Data and technology are only as powerful as the people behind it. And we’ve got you covered in that department.  No one has been solving puzzles like yours longer than us.  So when it comes to experience and market knowledge, why go anywhere else?

Ready to solve your location puzzle?