Matthew Lee

Meet Matthew Lee


My background

I came to Deep End Services in 2012, having held senior management roles at Essential Economics from its formation in 1997 until early 2012.  Prior to that I was at Henshall Hansen Associates with combined town planning and economic consultancy services.

Wide-ranging expertise

I’ve had experience in many different types of developments during my professional career, from major infrastructure projects such as Melbourne’s Airport Rail Link and the Port Phillip Channel Deepening Project, to complex multi-disciplinary teams undertaking structure planning for urban regeneration projects, and more targeted advice for land owners and individual businesses.

At the heart of it, though, I’m an urban economist.  And my role is to bring clear-eyed analytical rigour to land use decision-making.

Respected in the field

I’ve been around for more years that I care to admit, and that experience holds me in good stead when I represent my clients in planning-related hearings.  I’m a member of the Victorian Planning & Environmental Law Association where I previously held a board position.

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