Our Clients

You have a puzzle – we will complete it

We work with all types of businesses and organisations who have a common need.  A puzzle based on location.  Our job is to solve your puzzle.

Property owners & developers

Enhance, expand or reconfigure? Deep End Services can help you make the right decisions to secure the future of your existing asset.

And if you have a vacant building or site, we can maximise your opportunity.

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Retailers across all sectors

We help retailers of all shapes and sizes make smart location-based decisions.

Backed by spatial analytics and strategic expertise, we plan your retail network for sustained financial success and operational efficiency.

Food, hospitality, entertainment & services

Owners of hotels, restaurants, pubs, cinemas and more turn to us for our superior network planning expertise.

We do this by talking to your customers, establishing their demographic and dining tastes and applying this within our constantly evolving urban landscape.

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Financial services

We help banks, building societies, credit unions and other service providers plan their network of branches, business centres and back-office functions.

Centered on the principle that your customer needs come first, our recommendations are backed by sound economic analysis and justification.

Health & allied services

From specialised skin care clinics to medical centres, radiology clinics and health services of all types, Deep End Services can map out your future network.

We analyse your customer profile and determine the best locations to ensure the most strategic long-term plan for your brand and business.

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Public sector

State government departments, local councils and other semi-government bodies regularly engage Deep End Services for our advice on a range of issues which are market driven and require complex modelling and anticipation of future trends.

We assess and quantify the economic impact of all types of projects with a location base – past, present and future.

Industry associations

We conduct independent location-based research for industry associations and their members.

Underpinned by confidentiality and accuracy, we design and administer surveys and produce insightful reports for relevant parties.

Professional services

Other professional service providers often lack the necessary spatial and economic expertise their clients demand.

These firms engage us on a sub-contract basis to deliver a broad range of specialist projects – from network planning and forecasting to property economics and feasibility studies.

Real estate agents

We provide agents and their vendors with informative and accurate market intelligence.

Critical to your promotional campaign, our reports help to ‘sell’ the strengths and future potential of your asset to prospective buyers and tenants.

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Private equity

Venture capital firms and their investors value strategy, objectivity and conviction.

That’s why the private equity sector relies on our expertise to plan their networks, perform due diligence – or assess the feasibility of expansion or new market entry.